Tuesday, December 23, 2008

North Shore

I just watched the movie North Shore. Not society's best piece of film, but surprisingly accurate in social interaction between 'haole's' or white folk and locals. Also really good example that ignorance is the thing that locals 'hold against' the visitors that go to Hawaii. My personal opinion is that you should either have someone to escort you around, or pay attention. You can really get hurt if you live in ignorance your whole life. Learn to respect others and their culture, and you'll be able to gain acceptance in that type of situation.

Watching this movie, and reading my friend Latu's blog really set me off to write this blog. Even though I talk about stupid haole's or whatever... Most of my irritation comes from the fact that people now days don't respect each other. They don't want to respect each other either. It's really sad to witness crimes of hate and just plain old ignorance. I'm a firm believer in RESPECT. If you don't have respect, you don't have anything.

Friday, December 19, 2008


So, the Christmas Season is in full swing, and I'm singing along with every Christmas song I hear.

Luckily I like Christmas. Otherwise I may be annoyed with the perpetual cheeriness and goodwill that people develop and lose within the 5 week period known to most as the 'Holiday Season.' I stumbled upon this video. Check it out. I feel this way sometimes... but only when forced to join the throngs of panicked shoppers, fighting over tickle me elmo and fairy princess barbie.

I've been really sick for the past week. And, I've decided that I hate being sick more than I hate stupid drivers. Sure, you get days off of work and you get to eat soup and toast whenever you want to, but is it really worth the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, and fever? I say no to this. NO! lol... sorry. I really am tired of being sick. I get sick only once or twice a year, though, so I should be grateful. I'll just will myself to get better.

I'm pretty excited for next. week. At work we do a Wassail day. Where we invite our members to come and drink wassail and eat gingerbread cookies. :) I'm super excited because gingerbread cookies are ny number 4 favorite cookie... Esp if they are soft and DELICIOUS! Oh, My number 1-3 cookies are: #1. Karyn's Amazing Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Chip Peanut Butter Cookies, #2. My mom's coconut oatmeal rasin cookies, and #3. Aunty Sandy's molasses cookies. Good times. :)

This holiday season is looking like it will be a lot of driving and a lot of money. :S Oh well. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your family. :) lol. Even if it is a $25 tank of gas and a couple of presents. ;) Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 11, 2008



Wow. I find myself today in especially good spirits. :) So, Merry Christmas!!! :D

I have good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news. I got home from Hawai'i AAAANNNNNDDD... my cell phone broke. :( I was like... what the CRAP?! I was worried that I would have to pay for whatever repairs that had to be done. I would usually NOT worry about that, but I just got back from vacation, and well... you know how that goes. lol... anyways, so I FINALLY went to the cell phone store, and it was diagnosed... intermittent charge deficiency which is caused by a faulty charging port. It would have been alright, but they don't sell mymodel of phone at the Verizon store here in St. George... SOOOO, they couldn't save any of my information or videos or pictures, etc. This is particularly sad for me because I just got back from Hawaii, where my family is. I took a lot of pictures, videos, etc. ANYWAYS... this brings us to the good news:

I got a new phone!!! Hazahhh!

I need to get numbers for everyone... so If you want to email it to me, go for it! :)

This is the season... beloved of the year. Sing a rhyme, Christmas time soon will be here! lol. I really like Christmas a lot. Not as much as Thanksgiving, but it's only by a fraction. Christmas is the time that I get to show people that I was not only paying attention to them, BUT that I care enough to get them something. WHICH is why I hardly ever get people things or send them stuff if I'm not in close proximity. It's not that I don't love the people far away from me emotionally or physically, it's just that I can't think of what I could send you that would make sense without going back to times that aren't relevant for your life today. lol. is that enough of a 'cop out' or what? lol

anyways, i'm excited for christmas. its always a good time to be around family and friends.

Monday, December 8, 2008


So, I've decided that Utah isn't too bad. I actually like cold weather a lot, so it works out. :) The thing I DON'T like is the 100+ degree weather during the summer.

I've been trying to decide on what I want to give people for Christmas. I usually like to do little sentimentally funny things that people can look at and smile about. However, this year my SUPER AWESOME friend Susi is giving me an awesome gift that I'll be able to share with everyone. So looks like it'll be that... well, at least for family and a select few friends. Everyone else will have to be content with the AMAZING Christmas cards I got in Hawaii. :)

Overall, I feel like it's still too early for Christmas. This year has gone by so quickly. It seems like summer was just yesterday! :S Where has all the time gone? Did you know next year I'll be 25?! That's a quarter of a century people! Isn't that weird to think about? I don't feel like I'm almost 25... I sort of feel like I'm 20-ish.

So, for Christmas this year I want to just chill out and relax. Even though this year has gone by SUPER fast, it was really busy. I'm glad it's coming to an end. I feel bad for Susi because she'll be working through the break. That's what you get for being an over achiever (that's right Sus! I said it!) lol... oh... just fyi, I am NOT getting married, but I found the most AMAZING wedding dress. I totally LOVE the style...

I also found this dress... doesn't the model look like Tia or Tamera Mowry?

Lol... anyways, hope all is well with all of you!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Post Hawaii aka Hawaii pt. 3 (Twilight, Quantum of Solace, and Puka Dogs?)


It's horrendously cold, but I'll survive. It's right back into the groove as well... You know what they say, there's no rest for the wicked...

However, I didn't get a chance to blog about the other adventures I got to experience in Hawaii, so this is like the post Hawaii wrap up.

First of all, I have a new nephew!!! He's so cute! Born on Thankgiving day... he was 9 lbs. 2.3 oz. and 21 1/4" long! His name is Peter Ioane (ee-oh-ah-nay) Keanaaina. Ioane means John, which is my paternal grandfathers name, and Ioane is my brother's (his father) middle name. Here's a pic of him and his parents... he's only an hour or so old in this pic:

So, My brother Adam and his family came over from Big Island for Thanksgiving. I was glad that they did. I haven't seen my nephews in a year, and so It was nice to see them. :) Here's a picture of them.

Something completely awesome... They wanted to show me their 'ninja moves'... so I took a video of them. I would post it, but I don't want to get booked for child abuse like this guy. I didn't egg them on, and if I do allow you to watch the video, you can see that they are laughing the whole time. :)

Anyways, so I went to a heavenly place while in Hawaii called PUKA DOG. :) Seriously the most amazing hot dog I've EVER had. They start out with the bun. It's open on one side and closed on the other, making the 'puka' or hole for the puka dog. They give you a choice of what you want on it (and trust me, it looks weird, and gross, but it is SO delicious!) Then from there, you insert your choice of veggie of polish dog and EAT! Seriously so good... I'm hungry just thinking about it!!!

Then we went to
Twilight. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. They did an ok job. I wasn't super impressed with certain character castings... Esme, Carlisle, and Jasper... but overall, it was alright. The make-up was sort of lame... the cinematography was AMAZING! I guess I would recommend it to someone that hasn't read the books, or doesn't have any expectations for the movie at all... but it was pretty good.

Twilight was nothing compared to
Quantum of Solace!!! Holy cow... Such a great movie. Action, action, action... The storyline was a little weak, but it was super good regardless. GO WATCH IT!!!

Overall, Hawaii was a great trip. I'm sad that I had to leave, but I'm glad to be back. I got a lot of cool stuff, and I have a lot of good memories. It's cold like a monkey over here, but what else can you expect of Utah in the winter? lol! Anyways, have a good one! Alohas!