Friday, December 18, 2009



Yes, it's true. I'm finally blogging about my trip to Hawaii! I know it's been almost five days since I got back, and I too am appalled at the length of time that has lapsed since my two week adventure back home. :)

So, what we're gonna do right here is go back...
Way back.
Back into time. (kudos to all of you that got that reference...)

Here it goes. :D Two weeks and five days ago I went to Hawaii for my little brother's wedding. I was pretty stoked. I love Hawaii more than life, and I love my family even more (if that is possible... ;) ).

So I booked my flights and headed to the Big Island (where the wedding was to take place).I just have to say that after three years of being away, a lot has changed! Heck, they actually re-did a lot of the roads and developed a lot. If you have ever lived in Kona for any prolonged period of time, you'll know what I'm talking about. ;) Anyway... I forgot how great it smelled in Hawaii. Like every breath was a perfume of ocean and flowers. Amazing. Also forgot the rugged beauty that is Kona. Not a lot of people like Kona because it's not the 'typical' Hawaii that people want to see (aka Ala Moana Beach park or Waikiki...) but there is a wilder edgier beauty in Kona. There aren't a lot of sandy beaches, but I don't mind at all. :)

Anyway, so the day after I got there (jet-lagged and unseasonably dressed for Hawaii...) we mostly just hung out and played music, prepping for the big day.

I got to hand deliver the cake over the airways. Let me tell you that wedding cakes are HEAVY!!! This cake was about 30 lbs. Have you ever seen those cake challenges on the FOOD network??? (Can you tell my TV watching habits?) Anyway, I commend bakers for having to lift them all the time! It was done by a bakery called Cake Works. They did a really nice job, and it tasted good, and it was WAY affordable!!! I highly recommend them. My mom said they were way easy to work with.

SO yeah. The wedding was awesome. I got to see basically everyone, so it was fantastic. Here are some pics that my cousin Vaina took at the temple. (She has a photography business called Pulama Creations. :)

 Sean and Hiromi. :)

The WHOLE family... extra points if you can spot me!

The Keanaainas. :)

My brothers and the best man, Liam.

Sean and dad

Sean and mom

Hiromi and her dad

Hiromi and her mom (who wore a traditional kimono!)

 The lovely couple!

after the temple, they did a ring ceremony at the beach. I like this pic because Sean is so awesome in it!!!

My favorite one!!!

Hiromi will have someone to make her laugh forever! They are such a great couple. Hiromi actually got mono the night before the wedding, and was heavily medicated most of the day and at the reception. I have a video of a jam session at the reception. It's me, my dad, uncle fred, and guin, with elias as the videographer. :) Enjoy!!! I'll post more later...