Monday, September 29, 2008


Hello Everyone!!!
Sorry it's been so long... I have been INSANELY busy...
So, this past weekend I went up to Provo to visit with my cousins. It's always nice to see them. They're crazy and loud and sometimes obnoxious, but I love them. I get up there Thursday, and came back Sunday.
A couple of things I noticed about Utahns...

#1 They all SUCK at driving. I don't know what it is, but something makes people here think that it's okay to be a jerk off whilst driving. Case and point: Someone decided to do a U-turn in the right hand lane. Idiot.

#2 All the girls tend to look alike. Clothes, hair styles, make-up... they're like clones. blonde scary clones.

#3 Utah really IS beautiful! I never really noticed it until this trip. I was in awe of how beautiful it is. Everywhere I looked was lika a painting waiting to happen. I drove by the Manit Temple, and had to do a double take because it looked so much like it wasn't real.

It really was a beautiful drive. I was sad that I didn't think to bring a camera with me. While up north, I went to Salt Lake on Friday and Saturday. Friday I got to go to the Clark Planetarium. The last time I was at the planetarium was when it was still called the Hansen Planetarium, and I was in 5th grade. I have to say that I was extremely impressed. We got to watch a 3-D Imax movie... my first... and It was AMAZING. I also got to go to my favorite food joint: Grove Market Deli. If you like sandwiches, Grove's is the place for you. I highly recommend the Deluxe and the Meatball... but everything is GREAT. We also went to IKEA... I love it. Well, I love the stuff I got. I think its irritating that you can't just walk in and find what you want. you have to go through the displays...

Saturday I went to a ward activity with my cousin Leo, who has recently been called to Relief Society President. It was sort of lame, but Leo's housemate, Azul and I played this awesome game where we named all the people and gave them super powers. I think the best ones I did were Paco- the hulk, and I forgot the name, but his power was that he turned into a woman every other Thursday and Friday. Afterwards, we went to the General Relief Society Meeting. It was AWESOME! I've never been to the Conference Center before, and I was amazed at how big it was. The speakers were fantastic... but the best part for me was the fact that Sister Merilee Webb was the choir director. If you don't know Sister Webb, you're in for a treat. She was my choir teacher in college, and she taught me so much. I was overflowing with the love and respect I have for her. She's the person who (by example and just sharing her special personality and spirit with me) basically pulled me out of my rebellious stage. She was the person to show me that I can be a righteous, spiritually minded woman and still retain who I am. I was totally happy to see her. After the GRSM, we went to this cool restaurant called the One World Cafe. Its a restaurant that has the most amazing concept behind it. Here's the link for their website. Check it out!!!

Sunday, I drove down to Spring City to see my other cousin, Mindy and her family. Again, I wa struck by the beauty of this state. I think a lot of people take it for granted.

All in all, it was a great trip. Thanks Leo and Mindy for being the awesomest cousins