Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Officially an Adult

You know...even though I am 28, I still feel like people treat me like a kid most of the time. I know that I am still really young, but I also think it's because no one really knows how old I am.

That's actually fine with me because it makes the moment when I feel like an "adult" much more poignant and important to me.

Here are some things that make me feel like an adult:

    • When I walk into the post office to check my mail
    • When I have a 4 digit balance in my bank account
    • When I see young kids around town and think, "I remember when I was that young."

Well, I think I've officially crossed the threshold into adulthood. Why, you ask?

I bought a house.

Hehe. I know, right? There is a pretty long story involved, and eventually I may tell it to some of you. However, it ends with me buying a house and finally feeling like I've earned my adult card. :) (Does calling it an "adult card" instantly disqualify me??? ;))

Anyway. I'm way excited about it! It feels like I'm finally moving forward with my life! It's scary at the same time...it is a really big responsibility. BUT, it feels good. I like knowing that I have a place that's mine. AND I like knowing that if I need to, I can take care of my family and that I have a place for them. It's empowering.

Beyond that, I leave for vacation in two weeks.I'm way excited. It should be a great one. FB me or call if you want to see me! :)