Monday, February 25, 2008

and the wheels go round and round...


Sorry, I know I've been lame in keeping up with this... but I have been WAY busy.

I know... I can here all 3 of you sigh in exasperation.

SORRY!!! :)

Anywho... life has been... crazy lately. my parents moved back to hawaii... and i decided to stay in utah. its cool. i miss my family like CRAZY but im glad to have some independence.

other than that, work has been getting more and more hectic. i work here at the chamber of commerce, and let me tell you, it stressful. I do ALL of the publications here... so basically i do all the graphic designing. its SUPER crazy... BUT its redeeming quality is that its WAY fun, i meet a lot of people, AND i work with awesome peeps... well, most of them are awesome. we do a lot of events and such and its been a lot of late hours and endless design crap lately. i almost feel like im losing all of my creativity sometimes. like everything i make looks the same. :( no worries... after june i'll be living life on easy street for a couple of weeks.