Monday, December 7, 2015

Am I a Writer?

So I have been thinking a lot about my blog and whether or not to keep it going. It doesn't hurt to have it all out here...and my readership is basically my family and a few close friends (Thanks for reading guys!), but I want to minimize wasting my time and make stuff like this productive. SO...I'm thinking of maybe doing writing prompts. I found some cool ones, and thought I might incorporate them here and there when I write posts and don't have a ton to say.

Is that a good idea? I'm trying to get into writing again. I feel like I waste a lot of time not expanding my mind or challenging myself mentally--whereas it used to be something I did regularly.

Anyway, here is the first one so you guys can see what it will be like and maybe give me some feedback. :)

1. Describe yourself from your pet’s point of view.
My human (the one that feeds and plays with me) came home early today. I make sure to wag my tail extra hard so she knows how happy I am to see her. The noise from her mouth sounds like, "-- Honey, ----! Sit -----. -- ------- --. Sit. ---, --- ----." So I sit down. She comes in through the gate and scratches me around the ears, just like I like her to do. My human goes to the colder room with the little flappy door and when she turns to say, "bad dog", I know that I'm in trouble. I lay back my ears so she knows I'm sorry for tearing apart the papery things that are fun to tear. She pulls down the bristly stick and uses it to pick up the papery things. I walk over to my human and lean against her leg. She reaches down and scratches my neck. My human is soft and playful, so I know she won't be mad for a very long time. I watch her clean the room and we go to the outside! The outside is my favorite place. My human throws balls for me and chases me around making growly noises. She also makes small barky sounds and smiles at me. She is tall and strong, and I like to wrestle with her. She calls me, but I ignore her because she doesn't have treats for me. I won't go inside unless she gives me treats or she has the special noisy ball. She has the ball, so I jump up and try to snatch it out of her hand. She likes this game, and so do I because I can jump really high and my favorite ball is the noisy one. My human puts a long ropy thing on me and we go for a walk. I try to show her all the cool places that other dogs have been. She stops a lot, so I have to turn back and get her. Maybe I'll slow down so she doesn't stop so often. When we get home, my human makes me food, and I eat it when she says I can go. Then we go and relax in the special room and play tug-o-war and fetch. After a while, my human falls asleep. She sleeps sometimes when the light-noise box is on. I go and breath by her face to make sure she is okay. She opens her eyes and pets me. She's okay.

From the human POV (BONUS!)
I look at my clock and clock out. I get to go home a few hours early today. I park in front of the house and see my puppy Honey pop up in the front window. I can tell she's wagging her tail because she can barely stay on the window sill. I get in and she tries to jump up on the gate. "Hi Honey, baby! Sit puppy. No jumping up. Sit. Hey, get down." I scratch her around the ears and head to the garage to clean the puppy pads up. I open the door and see that Honey has torn apart an entire roll of paper towels. I turn to her and say, "bad dog!" Man, look at this mess. I grab the broom and start sweeping. Honey comes over to me and leans on my with her ears back. I pet her and finish cleaning the room. I grab the leash and take her out to the backyard where we play for an hour or so. We play fetch, and I chase her around making monster noises and laughing. I have been trying to train Honey to come when she's called, but she rarely will unless I have a treat or her favorite squeaker ball. I have the ball, and she comes to the gate. I put the leash on her, and we go for a walk around the neighborhood. Since we're in training, I stop any time Honey is pulling and stand there until she stops pulling. It's slow-going, but that's all a part of having a puppy. We finish our walk, and i feed her. Afterwards I flip on the TV and we play tug-o-war and fetch. I fall asleep on the couch and wake up to Honey centimeters away breathing in my face. I laugh and pet her. Silly dog.

Hahahahaha! Yeah, IDK if I'll be winning any newberry awards, but whatever. ;)